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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

Anse Bundren Timeline and Summary

  • Anse is sitting on back porch, and tucks tobacco between his gums.
  • Anse is characterized by rubbing his knees, gazing out over the land, and never doing anything that would cause him to sweat.
  • He is against Jewel and Darl going, but tells them to be back by sundown tomorrow.
  • He claims to always have had terrible luck.
  • He orders Vardaman to clean his own fish, without looking at him.
  • Anse gets up when the Tulls leave at 5 p.m.
  • He goes to Addie’s room, where she is not moving.
  • Anse apologizes to Vernon for not getting to the corn, saying his mind’s not straight.
  • Anse dwells on his bad luck, about how it’s not something he can escape.
  • He reminisces about the transition to Addie’s bedridden state.
  • Anse tells Vardaman to wash his hands.
  • He thinks that his heart just isn’t in it anymore.
  • He follows Peabody into Addie’s room.
  • Anse tells Peabody that he would have been called sooner if not for the bad corn crop, but people have been helping out.
  • Anse claims there’s no need to tell Addie about her situation, since she would know if she saw Peabody there.
  • He orders Cash to finish up the coffin, Dewey Dell to make supper.
  • He messes up the quilt of his deceased wife.
  • He is happy he’ll be able to get teeth (right after his wife has died).
  • Anse sits down to eat with Cash and Peabody; he doesn’t eat at first, then figures Addie would have no problem with it.
  • He sits outside with Cash while his son finishes the coffin.
  • When it rains, Anse wears Jewel’s raincoat and uses Dewey Dell’s to protect the lantern.
  • He decides to wait for Darl and Jewel to come home, despite the delay of three days and the bad weather conditions.
  • He leaves for Jefferson with the family.
  • Anse says Jewel would have killed that horse if it hadn’t been for him.
  • Anse stay overnight at Samson’s with the family.
  • He arrives at the bridge with the family.
  • He figures they should attempt to cross it.
  • Anse walks across the bridge safely, then watches three of his sons get thrown into the river.
  • He stays overnight at Armstid’s.
  • He rides Jewel’s horse to Snopes’ place and barters Jewel’s horse for a new team.
  • Anse arrives in Mottson with the team.
  • Anse defends his family’s right to be there, stinky coffin in tow or no.
  • He denies the fact that Cash needs to see a doctor.
  • He decides that cement should be put on Cash’s leg, especially once they’ve spent money on the cement.
  • He watches as the barn burns and Jewel and Darl go crazy in it.
  • He arrives in Jefferson with the family.
  • Anse goes to Mrs. Bundren’s to borrow spades.
  • He buries Addie.
  • Anse allows officials to take Darl away.
  • Anse takes money from Dewey Dell to buy himself teeth.
  • Anse introduces Mrs. Bundren to the family