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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

Cash Bundren Timeline and Summary

  • Cash is heard building Addie’s coffin.
  • He shows Addie the coffin throughout the construction process.
  • Cash goes into the room and announces Addie’s death, saw in hand.
  • He goes to the stalls and finds Vardaman sitting alone.
  • Cash comments that he hopes the horses have run past Tull’s house.
  • Cash eats dinner with Anse and Peabody, without washing his hands or arms first.
  • Cash works all through the night in pouring rain to finish Addie’s coffin.
  • Cash gives reasons for creating the coffin on a slant, noting that it looks neater and suits its purpose better.
  • Cash advises the men to reposition the coffin, but no one bothers to listen.
  • He leaves for Jefferson with the family.
  • Cash stay overnight at Samson’s with the family.
  • He arrives at the bridge with the family.
  • Cash suggests that Dewey Dell, Vardaman, and Anse walk across the bridge instead of going with the rest of the boys on the wagon, for safety reasons.
  • He attempts to ford the river on the wagon with Darl.
  • He suggests that Darl save himself and jump into the water.
  • Cash is thrown into the water, holds onto the rope.
  • Cash is kicked by Jewel’s horse, re-breaking his leg.
  • Cash is put on Addie’s coffin during wagon rides.
  • Cash arrives in Mottson with the family.
  • Cash has cement put on his broken leg.
  • Cash has water poured on his leg when he starts sweating.
  • He has his cast broken off after it is blackened.
  • He arrives in Jefferson with the family.
  • He decides to be present at Addie’s burial rather than going straight to the doctor’s.
  • He sits on the wagon with family sans Darl, eating bananas.