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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

Darl Bundren Timeline and Summary

  • Darl returns from fields with Jewel, a head shorter than his brother.
  • He finds Cash working on Addie Bundren’s coffin; he thinks it will give her "confidence and comfort" (1.5).
  • He goes to get a cool drink of gourd water.
  • Darl tells his pa a half truth about Jewel’s whereabouts; he really knows about Jewel’s devotion to the wild horse.
  • Darl leaves with Jewel to earn three dollars, wanting him along to help with the load.
  • He predicts the timing of his mother’s death.
  • Darl is the only family member who knows of Dewey Dell’s secret pregnancy.
  • Darl narrates Addie’s death scene, from on the road.
  • He tells Jewel that Addie has died while they’re stuck in a ditch during the storm.
  • Darl philosophizes about existence before he sleeps.
  • Darl returns to the barn with Jewel.
  • He carries the coffin to the wagon with the family.
  • On the wagon, he notices Dewey Dell looking at Peabody.
  • Darl tells the family that Jewel will catch up with them.
  • He leaves for Jefferson with the family.
  • Darl laughs when Jewel catches up with them right where he predicted he would, at Tull’s.
  • Darl stays overnight at Samson’s with the family.
  • He gets to the flooded bridge.
  • He expects Vernon to lend his mule to the family.
  • Darl fords the river on the wagon with Cash.
  • He jumps into the river when the team is lost.
  • Darl gets out of the water safely, but doesn’t save the coffin.
  • He stays overnight at Armstid’s with the family.
  • He arrives in Mottson.
  • Darl mixes cement to pour on Cash’s leg.
  • Darl asks Jewel who his father is.
  • Darl burns Gillespie’s barn down.
  • Darl arrives in Jefferson with the family.
  • He offers to bring Cash to Peabody’s.
  • He is thought of as mentally insane and arrested.
  • Darl is handcuffed and taken away, laughing hysterically.
  • He sees his family eating bananas on the wagon.
  • He speaks of himself in the third person.