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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

Jewel Bundren Timeline and Summary

  • Jewel’s history: he secretly worked overnight for months on Quick’s forty-acre field to earn his horse.
  • Jewel returns from the fields with Darl, taller and soldier-like, stepping through cottonhouse windows.
  • He goes straight into the pasture after getting home, whistles for his horse.
  • Jewel more or less gets in a brutal fight with the horse, and reigns him in to feed him.
  • Jewel commands the horse to eat all the free hay he can get, while no one else is watching (except for Darl).
  • Jewel resents Cash for flashily building the coffin for Addie for everyone to see.
  • Jewel seems to be a man of few words, often described as wooden.
  • He hates people who speak as though his mom were going to die tomorrow. He is in denial about the depth of Addie’s sickness.
  • Jewel leaves with Darl to earn three dollars.
  • Jewel attempts to free the wagon from the ditch after a wheel breaks.
  • Jewel is told by Darl that their mother has died.
  • Jewel returns to the barn with Darl.
  • He roughly hurries the coffin onto the wagon.
  • He curses Darl to his face.
  • Jewel goes to the barn, rebelling against Anse’s wishes.
  • Jewel rides his horse to catch up with the family at Tull’s.
  • He stays overnight at Samson’s with the family.
  • He offers to pay Samson for extra food for his horse.
  • Jewel arrives at the flooded bridge with the family.
  • Jewel shuts Vernon up when he suggests that they prolong the journey even longer.
  • Jewel demands that Vernon lend his mule to them.
  • Jewel leads the river cross on his horse.
  • He is thrown into the water and separated from his horse.
  • Jewel looks for Cash’s tools, is successful at finding several tools.
  • Jewel stays overnight at Armstid’s with the family.
  • He rides off with his horse after hearing that Anse bartered it for a team.
  • Jewel trades the horse for the mules, but doesn’t go with the family.
  • Jewel returns to the family after they’ve arrived in Mottson.
  • Jewel curses Darl when he asks who his father is.
  • Jewel frees the animals from the burning barn.
  • Jewel saves his mother's coffin from the fire.
  • He almost gets in a fight with a townsperson on the way to Jefferson.
  • He arrives in Jefferson with the family.
  • Jewel tells officials to kill Darl.