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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

As I Lay Dying Poverty Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Section.Paragraph) Every "section" is marked by a shift in narrative point of view.

Quote #4

"God’s will be done," he says. "Now I can get them teeth." (12.22)

Then again, maybe he is a selfish jerk after all.

Quote #5

Dewey Dell said we will get some bananas. The train is behind the glass, red on the track. When it runs the track shines on and off. Pa said flour and sugar and coffee costs so much. Because I am a country boy because boys in town. Bicycles. Why do flour and sugar and coffee cost so much when he is a country boy. "Wouldn’t you ruther have some bananas instead?" Bananas are gone, eaten. Gone. When it runs on the track shines again. "Why ain’t I a town boy, pa?" I said God made me. I did not said to God to made me in the country. If He can make the train, why can’t He make them all in the town because flour and sugar and coffee. "Wouldn’t you ruther have bananas?" (15.3)

The Bundrens’ poverty seems to affect Vardaman most of all, here, and again later when he admires the toy train sets in the store window in Jefferson.

Quote #6

"I thank you," Bundren says. "We wouldn’t discommode you. We got a little something in the basket. We can make out." (29.25-6)

Anse’s pride overcomes practicality as he refuses yet again to take help.

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