As I Lay Dying
As I Lay Dying
by William Faulkner
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As I Lay Dying Religion Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

If it’s a judgment, it ain’t right. Because the Lord’s got more to do than that. He’s bound to have. (16.29)

He is more practical and less bound to dogma.

Quote #5

"Well, it’ll take the Lord to get her over that river now," Peabody says. "Anse can’t do it."

"And I reckon He will," Quick says. "He’s took care of Anse a long time, now."

"It’s a fact," Littlejohn says.

"Too long to quit now," Armstid says.

"I reckon He’s like everybody else around here," Uncle Billy says. "He’s done it so long now He can’t quit." (20.42-6)

Anse has gotten by only with the help of God and kind neighbors. Tull even remarks that there’s something about him that makes other men want to help.

Quote #6

"I’m bounding toward my God and my reward," Cora sung. (20.81)

Cora’s faith in God contrasts to the bad luck the Bundrens face throughout the novel. It suggests that her beliefs are unwarranted.

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