As I Lay Dying
As I Lay Dying
by William Faulkner
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As I Lay Dying Section Forty-Five, narrated by Moseley Summary

  • The family arrives in Mottson.
  • Dewey Dell enters a drugstore and indirectly asks for the druggist, Moseley, to give her something to abort her two-month-old baby. She offers him the ten dollars Lafe gave her.
  • Moseley refuses to do so, advising Dewey Dell to take the ten dollars and marry Lafe.
  • One of the boys goes in a hardware store to buy cement for Cash’s leg.
  • The marshal says cement will kill Cash, a Vardaman Bundren ld corpse. In fact, all the townspeople are offended and disturbed by the Bundrens and their traveling corpse party.
  • Anse defends his family by bombarding the citizens with all of the obstacles they’ve encountered thus far.

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