As I Lay Dying
As I Lay Dying
by William Faulkner
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As I Lay Dying Section Six, narrated by Cora Summary

  • Cora raves about Darl and how he, not Jewel, is the son most like Addie, the son who has her "natural affections."
  • Cora looks down on Jewel and Anse; she sees them as money-hungry heathens who would rather earn three bucks than allow their loved one a decent Christian death. She abhors the Bundrens’ moral code, suggesting that they’ll do anything for a dollar.
  • Cora also thinks it’s a disgrace that they’re forcing Addie to live on a separate plot from their (the Bundren) family name. She declares that that shall never happen to her, for she will have loved ones surrounding her when she lies on her deathbed.
  • It is confirmed that "Mr. Tull," a.k.a. Vernon, is her husband.
  • She again recounts the sweet moment when Darl came to take one last look at his mother before death, and how he was too full of emotion to speak as he gazed at her.

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