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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

As I Lay Dying Learning Guide: Table of Contents

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory
New Hope Church
Vardaman's Fish
Narrator Point of View
Writing Style
What’s Up With the Title?
What’s Up With the Ending?
Plot Analysis
Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis
Three Act Plot Analysis
Steaminess Rating
Brief Summary
Section One, narrated by Darl
Section Two, narrated by Cora
Section Three, narrated by Darl
Section Four, narrated by Jewel
Section Five, narrated by Darl
Section Six, narrated by Cora
Section Seven, narrated by Dewey Dell
Section Eight, narrated by Tull
Section Nine, narrated by Anse
Section Ten, narrated by Darl
Section Eleven, narrated by Peabody
Section Twelve, narrated by Darl
Section Thirteen, narrated by Vardaman
Section Fourteen, narrated by Dewey Dell
Section Fifteen, narrated by Vardaman
Section Sixteen, narrated by Tull
Section Seventeen, narrated by Darl
Section Eighteen, narrated by Cash
Section Nineteen, narrated by Vardaman
Section Twenty, narrated by Tull
Section Twenty-One, narrated by Darl
Section Twenty-Two, narrated by Cash
Section Twenty-Three, narrated by Darl
Section Twenty-Four, narrated by Vardaman
Section Twenty-Five, narrated by Darl
Section Twenty-Six, narrated by Anse
Section Twenty-Seven, narrated by Darl
Section Twenty-Eight, narrated by Anse
Section Twenty-Nine, narrated by Samson
Section Thirty, narrated by Dewey Dell
Section Thirty-One, narrated by Tull
Section Thirty-Two, narrated by Darl
Section Thirty-Three, narrated by Tull
Section Thirty-Four, narrated by Darl
Section Thirty-Five, narrated by Vardaman
Section Thirty-Six, narrated by Tull
Section Thirty-Seven, narrated by Darl
Section Thirty-Eight, narrated by Cash
Section Thirty-Nine, narrated by Cora
Section Forty, narrated by Addie
Section Forty-One, narrated by Whitfield
Section Forty-Two, narrated by Darl
Section Forty-Three, narrated by Armstid
Section Forty-Four, narrated by Vardaman
Section Forty-Five, narrated by Moseley
Section Forty-Six, narrated by Darl
Section Forty-Seven, narrated by Vardaman
Section Forty-Eight, narrated by Darl
Section Forty-Nine, narrated by Vardaman
Section Fifty, narrated by Darl
Section Fifty-One, narrated by Vardaman
Section Fifty-Two, narrated by Darl
Section Fifty-Three, narrated by Cash
Section Fifty-Four, narrated by Peabody
Section Fifty-Five, narrated by MacGowan
Section Fifty-Six, narrated by Vardaman
Section Fifty-Seven, narrated by Darl
Section Fifty-Eight, narrated by Dewey Dell
Section Fifty-Nine, narrated by Cash
Darl Bundren
Darl Bundren Timeline
Jewel Bundren
Jewel Bundren Timeline
Anse Bundren
Anse Bundren Timeline
Cash Bundren
Cash Bundren Timeline
Dewey Dell Bundren
Dewey Dell Bundren Timeline
Addie Bundren
Addie Bundren Timeline
Vardaman Bundren
Vardaman Bundren Timeline
The Minister Whitfield
Vernon Tull
Cora Tull
Kate Tull
Eula Tull
The Gillespie boy
Study Questions
Character Roles (Protagonist, Antagonist...)
Tools of Characterization
Mortality Quotes
Family Quotes
Suffering Quotes
Women and Femininity
Women and Femininity Quotes
Religion Quotes
Duty Quotes
Versions of Reality
Versions of Reality Quotes
Poverty Quotes
Best of the Web
Module Quizzes
Module Flashcards
Quotes (What was Said)
Quotes (What was Said) Flashcards
Quotes (What was Said) True or False
Themes (For the Most Part)
Themes (For the Most Part) Flashcards
Themes (For the Most Part) True or False
Symbols Flashcards
Symbols True or False
... I Will Be Reading Some Light Faulkner
... I Will Be Reading Some Light Faulkner Flashcards
... I Will Be Reading Some Light Faulkner True or False
You Sure Have a Lot to Say for a Dead Woman
You Sure Have a Lot to Say for a Dead Woman Flashcards
You Sure Have a Lot to Say for a Dead Woman True or False
As I Lay Dying
Current Events & Pop Culture
Challenges & Opportunities
Assignments & Activities
Your Mother’s a Fish: Faulkner and Modernist Art
Dysfunction Junction: Somebody, Help These Bundrens!
Telling a Story from All Sides: Experimenting with Multiple-Perspective Narration
Chew On This
Character Journal Entry
Facebook Plot Summary
Symbolism, Allusion, and Irony
Literary Devices
Why Should I Care?
Discussion & Essay Questions
Reading Quizzes
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