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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying


by William Faulkner

Vardaman Bundren Timeline and Summary

  • Vardaman proudly flops the big fish on the ground before Anse and Vernon.
  • He goes in the house to ask to see his mother but is stopped by his father.
  • He goes to clean the fish.
  • Vardaman returns to the porch with blood up to his knees, explaining that the fish had a lot of guts.
  • Vardaman asks his father if his ma is more sick.
  • Vardaman pulls Peabody up the mountain to the Bundren house.
  • He leaves Addie’s room to go on the porch with Anse, upon Peabody’s request.
  • He hides behind Anse’s knees during Addie’s death.
  • Vardaman runs out of the room after his mom’s death.
  • Vardaman runs to the porch, crying.
  • He runs to the horse stalls, vomiting.
  • Vardaman attacks the horses with sticks, causing them to run away.
  • He doesn’t respond to Cash’s or Dewey Dell’s calls.
  • He sits in the dark: "Cooked and et. Cooked and et" (13.30).
  • Vardaman tells Dewey Dell that Peabody killed their mom.
  • He tells Dewey Dell that he doesn’t want to go to Jefferson.
  • Vardaman runs/walks over four miles to the Tulls’ in the middle of the night.
  • Vardaman asks Tull to verify the existence of the fish he caught.
  • He returns with Vernon and Cora back to his farm to place his mother in a coffin.
  • He makes a big commotion when Cora cooks up the fish.
  • Dewey Dell talks with him in the barn.
  • He goes missing until Vernon and Cora spot him fishing by the slough.
  • Vardaman leaves for Jefferson with the family.
  • Vardaman stay overnight at Samson’s with the family.
  • Vardaman arrives at the flooded bridge with the family.
  • He walks across, holding Vernon’s hand.
  • He shouts for Darl to save their mom’s body.
  • He stays overnight at Armstid’s with the family.
  • Vardaman arrives in Mottson with the family.
  • Vardaman gets sand for Darl to mix with the cement for Cash’s leg.
  • He wonders where the buzzards go at night.
  • Vardaman goes out to see where the buzzards go and sees the burning barn.
  • He promises Dewey Dell that he won’t tell what he saw.
  • He arrives in Jefferson with the family.
  • Vardaman buries Addie with family.
  • Vardaman goes with Dewey Dell to the pharmacy at 10pm.
  • He goes back to the hotel with Dewey Dell.
  • He eats bananas with Dewey Dell on the family wagon.