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As You Like It

As You Like It


by William Shakespeare

As You Like It Act 4, Scene 1 Summary

  • Rosalind/Ganymede chats with Jaques about his melancholy. Jaques thinks that a solid approach to life is to be sad and silent, and Rosalind/Ganymede claims he might as well be a fencepost.
  • Jaques then details different types of melancholy and declares that his comes from traveling.
  • Rosalind makes fun of him, naturally.
  • The philosophizing gets cut short when Orlando shows up— about an hour late.
  • Rosalind/Ganymede is rather temperamental, first upset at Orlando for being late, then in the mood to be loved and chatted up.
  • Orlando says he would start the conversation with a kiss, if Ganymede were really his lover.
  • Orlando proceeds to act like a cliché lover and Rosalind/Ganymede proceeds to teach him how he should woo Rosalind.
  • There's more bantering, and Orlando threatens to die from love if "Rosalind" will not have him.
  • Rosalind/Ganymede wisely points out that men die from a lot of things, but not from love.
  • This bantering ends with Rosalind/Ganymede suggesting that, in the spirit of pretend-wooing, they should have a pretend wedding. Celia/Aliena can play priest and marry the couple.
  • Rosalind/Ganymede and Orlando get fake-married and Orlando declares that, if he could really marry Rosalind, he'd love her forever.
  • Rosalind/Ganymede wryly points out that after a man marries a woman, he quickly loses interest in her.
  • After some more of this kind of talk, Orlando says he must leave for two hours to attend Duke Senior at dinner. He promises not to be a minute late on his return and runs off.

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