As You Like It
As You Like It
by William Shakespeare
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As You Like It Family Quotes Page 4

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(Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to The Norton Shakespeare, second edition, published in 2008.
Quote #10

Welcome, young man;
Thou offer'st fairly to thy brothers' wedding:
To one his lands withheld, and to the other
A land itself at large, a potent dukedom. (5.4.8)

As Duke Senior welcomes Jaques de Boys to Orlando and Rosalind's wedding, it becomes clear that marriage saves the day in a play characterized by family treachery.  As we know, younger brother Orlando has received the short end of the stick – after his father died, his older brother inherited everything and treated him like garbage.  Still, when Orlando gets hitched to Rosalind, his nuptials provide him with a new family and a new fortune.  Not only does Orlando get to marry his dream girl, he also gains a father-in-law (Duke Senior) who replaces, to some extent, his own dead father, Rowland de Boys.  What's more, Orlando is now the heir to his new father-in-law's dukedom. 

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