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Asclepius Sightings

  • Plutus by Aristophanes 381BC

    In this ancient comedy, Plutus, the god of wealth, is healed of blindness in a temple of Asclepius.

  • A Description of Greece by Pausanias 101 - 200

    Get the low down on what it was like to visit an ancient temple of Asclepius from a dude who actually was there.

  • The Metamorphoses by Ovid 101 - 200

    Check out all the details of Asclepius' gory birth in this classic collection of mythological poems.

  • Marvel Comics 2006

    The god of medicine pops up to do some healing in the Marvel Universe, making his first appearance in Ares #4.

  • God of War 2010

    In the God of War comic book series, Kratos travels to the Spire of Asclepius in search of a cure for his plague-ridden daughter, Calliope.

  • The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan 2011

    In this book from the Heroes of Olympus series, Vitellus is a descendant of Asclepius and tries to fill his ancestor's shoes by becoming a medic.

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