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Home Mythology Atalanta Police Reports
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Atalanta's Police Reports

Atalanta vs. King Iasus

Case Description: Complainant (Atalanta) accuses Defendant (King Iasus) of attempted infanticide. Atalanta's father, King Iasus, was disappointed that she was born a girl, so he abandoned her...

Formal Complaint (found in the Argo's Log)

Case Description: Several Argonauts complained to Captain Jason that it was improper for Atalanta to journey with them on the Quest for the Golden Fleece. These manly men were totally uncomfortable...

Atalanta vs. the Centaurs, Rhoecus and Hylaeus

Case Description: Complainant (Atalanta) accuses Defendants (the Centaurs, Rhoecus and Hylaeus) of attempted sexual assault. Atalanta was minding her own business in the woods one day, when two cen...

King Pirithous vs. the Centaur Tribe

Case Description: Complainant (King Pirithous) accuses Defendants (the Centaur Tribe) of attempted sexual assault. When Ixion's son, Pirithous, got married to Hippodamia, he invited his half-brothe...

Atalanta vs. Plexippus, Toxeus, Iphicles, and Eurypylus

Case Description: Complainant (Atalanta) accuses Defendants (Plexippus, Toxeus, Iphicles, and Eurypylus) of assault. During the hunt for the Calydonian Boar, Atalanta drew first blood. When Meleage...

Atalanta vs. Hippomenes

Case Description: Complainant (Atalanta) accuses Defendant (Hippomenes) of being a total cheater. After he decided to claim her, King Iasos told Atalanta she had to marry. Atalanta said she wo...

Zeus vs. Atalanta and Hippomenes

Case Description: Complainant (Zeus) accuses Defendants (Atalanta and Hippomenes) of sacrilege. When Hippomenes forgot to thank Aphrodite for helping win the race against Atalanta, the goddess of l...

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