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Atalanta's Wall


Who's up for a moonlight hunt tonight?

I'm totally there.

Sweet, bring some more Amazons.


Hey, what about me?

Sorry, no dudes.


But I'm a follower of Artemis. I'm a sworn virgin!

Yeah, but dudes are smelly.


Mom, can you help me out here?

Sorry, baby, dudes definitely stink.



Let's see... what should I get my Dad for Father's Day? Oh, I know. How about an arrow in the face?


Out-of-line, Atalanta.

So it wasn't out-of-line when you abandoned me on a mountain when I was a baby?


That's what you get for not being born a boy. Why did you do it? Just to spite me?

Are you seriously asking me this question?

Hey, Atalanta! Let's start a club for people who were suckled by she-bears when they were babies.

That would be a pretty weird club.


Could people who were suckled by she-wolves join?


Good question (though I hate you).

Hmm, what do you think, Atalanta?

Not sure how I feel about any of this.

Come on! The world needs to know about the joys of feral milk.

Nope, nope... don't think it does.

Meleager, you were the only man for me.


Miss you, babe.


Hey, what about me?

You're half the man Meleager was.


Could he beat you in a race?

You never would've won if Aphrodite hadn't given you those golden apples to distract me with.


I won fair and square.

Cheaters never win.

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