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Athena (Minerva)

Athena (Minerva)

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Athena (Minerva) Photos

    Portrait of Athena
    I love this portrait of me – I look so wise and powerful. [Painting by Gustav Klimt, 1898.]

    Athena in Austria
    They sure do love me at the Austrian Parliament. [Sculpture c. 1893-1902.]

    Visiting Apollo
    Just visiting my bro Apollo on my cloud-mobile. No big deal. [Painting by Arnold Houbraken, 1703.]

    Athena and the Muses
    Spending some quality time with muses. [Painting by Hans Rottenhammer, 1603.]

    Athena and Hephaestus
    So not in the mood. How many times do I have to tell Hephaestus I'm NOT interested? [Painting by Paris Bordone, c. 1555-1560.]

    Athena vs. Ares
    Duking it out with a lesser god of war. [Painting by Jacques-Louis David, 1771.]

    Statue of Athena
    I command your attention! [Greek, 1st century BC copy of a 5th century BC statue.]

    Athena and Hercules
    Pouring Hercules some hot cocoa – he'd had a long day. [Drinking cup from 480-470 BC.]

    Bust of Athena
    I still look pretty regal, even though I'm missing arms and a nose. [2nd century AD, copy of a Greek bust made c. 430-420 BC.]

    Athena on Jewelry
    Don't you just want to worship me? [Athena cameo from 1st century BC; enameled gold mount by Josias Belle, late 17th century France.]

    Athena on a Coin
    This coin is almost too pretty to spend. [Silver coin from the kingdom of Thrace, c. 305-281 BC. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2009.]

    Mosaic of Athena
    I'm impressed they managed to make my gold helmet look so shiny. [Mosaic from the 3rd century, surrounded by mosaic from the 18th century.]