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Athena (Minerva)'s Wall


Just wondering if my mother Metis is faring well within the belly of Zeus.

Oh, she's fine. She's built a cozy apartment just above my spleen.


Actually, it's kind of gross in here.

Mother, you have the Internet?


It's everywhere these days.

Wishing that Zeus would kindly release Metis from his belly.

She stays in there. I've got enough competition.


Please, you can have him. He swallowed me!!!

Pondering the strategic benefits of splitting of Zeus's belly.



Pondering the annihilation of the Internet.

Mortal Citizen of Athens

Dear Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, I am ten years old. There's a bully in my class who is really mean. His name is Anatoli Papadopoulos. Could you help me stand up to him?

Oh, brave warrior, I've been watching you. I admire your strength and bravery in the face of such an ugly coward. I will indeed help you put Mr. Anatoli Papadopoulos in his place. Expect a message from me soon.

Mortal Citizen of Athens

This is so awesome. You are my favorite goddess :-)

likes this


Hey, sis, I'm DYING to throw a party at your temple in Athens. Cool?

No, not "cool."


Oh, come on! It would be off the chain!!



A Trojan horse! Has anyone ever told you that you are a genius, Athena?

All the time.

Cheaters! You DID NOT win fair and square.

Don't be a sore loser, Aphrodite. It makes you look constipated.

HATER. You're just jealous cuz Paris thinks I'm more beautiful than you.


I don't fight without a reason or a purpose, Ares.

Hi, I'm Athena.  And I'm boring and lame.


I hate you, you evil witch.

Dear, if you ever held any hope that I might restore you to your human form, consider that hope crushed.


I'm going to fill your temple with spiders.

Darling, you seem to have a hard time remembering that I am the goddess here.


Athena, goddess divine, thank you so much for your help with Medusa.  I worship at your altar.  (P.S.  I hope you like the present I sent you!)

I loved your present!  I have always wanted Medusa's head on a platter.

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