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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Cherryl Brooks Taggart Timeline and Summary

  • While working at a dime store, Cherryl meets James Taggart.
  • James starts dating her.
  • She is humiliated at a party she attends with James.
  • James proposes, and she accepts.
  • The press labels her "Cinderella Girl."
  • She stays in her crappy apartment until the wedding.
  • At the wedding, she confronts Dagny and tells her off.
  • Cherryl grows to realize the type of man James really is and has fights with him.
  • She apologizes to Dagny for her earlier harsh words.
  • Dagny tries to help Cherryl overcome her depression.
  • Cherryl discovers that James had an affair.
  • They have a violent argument and James hits her.
  • A despairing Cherryl commits suicide.