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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Dagny Taggart Timeline and Summary

  • Dagny hears Richard Halley's mysterious Fifth Concerto on a train.
  • She struggles to get Taggart Transcontinental's Rio Norte Line running.
  • She goes on a quest to save the state of Colorado after their main railroad is shut down.
  • She confronts her ex-lover Francisco d'Anconia over his recent bad behavior.
  • She attends Hank Rearden's anniversary party. It's very awkward.
  • She causes a minor scene when she demands that Hank's wife trade bracelets with her. (Hank's wife has a bracelet made from Rearden Metal.)
  • Hank Rearden helps Dagny with the Rio Norte Line.
  • She asks Francisco for a loan and he refuses. They have a painful confrontation.
  • She forms the John Galt Line in order to make the work go faster. She takes a temporary leave of absence from Taggart Transcontinental.
  • The John Galt Line opens and it's a huge success.
  • She begins an affair with Hank Rearden.
  • On vacation with Hank, she discovers a mysterious motor in an abandoned factory.
  • She and Hank team up to search for the motor's inventor.
  • She is horrified when laws pass that doom Colorado's industries.
  • Her friend Ellis Wyatt disappears, and others soon follow.
  • Dagny is convinced that a "destroyer" is causing these disappearances.
  • After the restrictive Directive 10-289 passes, she quits her job.
  • She goes to a cabin to think.
  • Francisco comes to see her and reveals he's somehow involved with the "destroyer."
  • She learns of a huge disaster at the railroad and returns to work.
  • She has a confrontation with Hank and Francisco over her past relationship with Francisco.
  • She goes after Quentin Daniels to prevent him from disappearing.
  • After her train is delayed, she takes a plane to find Quentin.
  • She chases after the destroyer and Quentin in her plane.
  • She crashes in "Atlantis" and learns the truth about John Galt and the strike.
  • She falls in love with Galt.
  • She decides to return to the real world to keep fighting.
  • After her return, she's blackmailed into giving a radio speech and admits her affair with Hank on the air.
  • She and Hank break up but remain friends.
  • She finds John Galt in New York and the two begin a romantic relationship.
  • Dagny goes to see John after his radio address, worried for his safety
  • When John is arrested, she goes undercover with the looters.
  • She teams up with Hank, Francisco, and Ragnar to rescue John from torture.
  • She escapes with all of them back to Atlantis.