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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Eddie Willers Timeline and Summary

  • Eddie loyally helps Dagny in her quest to save Colorado and the Rio Norte Line.
  • He has the first of many recurring scenes with a mysterious Taggart Transcontinental employee in the cafeteria, the Mystery Worker.
  • He temporarily replaces Dagny as vice president of Taggart while she runs the John Galt Line.
  • He meets with Hank Rearden at his hotel. Hank gives Taggart an extension on their Rearden Metal payment.
  • He keeps Dagny's whereabouts a secret after she quits her job.
  • He is upset when she returns.
  • He helps Dagny pack before she takes off in pursuit of Quentin Daniels.
  • He discovers that Dagny is having an affair with Hank.
  • He realizes he's in love with Dagny.
  • He continues to help Dagny when she returns from Atlantis.
  • He accompanies her to the radio station on the night of Galt's speech.
  • He confesses that he's been meeting with Galt for years without knowing it was him.
  • After hearing about a crisis in California, he volunteers to go handle it.
  • He says an emotional goodbye to Dagny.
  • He is stranded in the wilderness when his train breaks down in Arizona.