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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Francisco d'Anconia Timeline and Summary

  • Through a flashback, we learn that Francisco and Dagny were childhood friends and later lovers. Francisco mysteriously broke up with Dagny and became an irresponsible playboy. Dagny confronted him about his behavior.
  • Francisco meets Hank at Hank's anniversary party.
  • Later Dagny asks him for a loan and he refuses, but is upset about having to refuse.
  • Francisco crashes James's wedding reception and makes a speech about money.
  • He talks with Hank again.
  • The d'Anconia stock crashes.
  • Francisco visits Hank at the mills and helps out during a crisis.
  • Hank loses a lot of money after dealing with Francisco's business. He is furious with Francisco.
  • Francisco visits Dagny at her cabin after she quits her job. He is horrified when she goes back to work again.
  • He has an angry confrontation with Hank over his past relationship with Dagny.
  • A distraught Francisco searches for Dagny, thinking she's dead.
  • He meets her in Atlantis and confesses his role in the strike and his love for her.
  • The two rekindle their friendship
  • Francisco gives Dagny his blessing for her relationship with John.
  • He saves Hank's life during the riot at the mills and takes Hank to Atlantis.
  • He sends Dagny a message after John is arrested.
  • He comes to get Dagny when she quits and joins the strike.
  • They join up with Hank and Ragnar to rescue John from capture.
  • He returns to Atlantis.