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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Hank Rearden Timeline and Summary

  • Hank pours the first batch of his great invention, Rearden Metal.
  • That same evening, he must put up with his horrible family, which ruins the occasion.
  • He agrees to help Dagny fix the Rio Norte Line and she becomes his first customer.
  • He endures an awful anniversary party at his house.
  • He meets Francisco d'Anconia at the party.
  • He meets up with Dagny in Colorado and shows her plans for a Rearden Metal bridge.
  • The Equalization of Opportunity Bill passes, which harms Hank's business.
  • He is forced to sell some of his businesses to other people.
  • He rides with Dagny on the first John Galt Line train.
  • With some hesitancy, he begins a romantic relationship with Dagny.
  • The two go on vacation, and Hank joins Dagny in her hunt for the inventor of the motor.
  • He attends James Taggart's wedding with his wife and has another conversation with Francisco.
  • Lillian confronts him about his adultery.
  • Dr. Ferris invites him to join the looters, and Hank refuses.
  • During a crisis at the mills, he ends up saving Francisco's life.
  • His friend Ken Danagger goes on strike.
  • He ditches his family at Thanksgiving to be with Dagny.
  • He goes on trial for illegal business activity and makes a big speech. The phony charges against him are mostly dropped.
  • Despite Francisco's warnings, he deals with d'Anconia Copper and loses out on a huge shipment. He is furious with Francisco.
  • He is blackmailed into signing over the rights to his Rearden Metal because of his affair with Dagny.
  • He realizes that he loves Dagny.
  • He has an angry and jealous confrontation with Francisco and hits him.
  • He desperately searches for Dagny when her plane crashes and she disappears.
  • When Dagny returns from Atlantis, the two end their relationship but remain friends. Hank confesses his love for Dagny.
  • He gets divorced from Lillian.
  • After a riot at his mills, he finally goes on strike.
  • He reconciles with Francisco.
  • He returns to help Dagny free John Galt from capture.
  • At the end, he returns safely to Atlantis.