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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

James Taggart Timeline and Summary

  • James has a series of confrontations with Dagny and Eddie.
  • He has an affair with Betty Pope.
  • He meets with Orren Boyle and Wesley Mouch.
  • He freaks out over the San Sebastián Mine disaster.
  • He tries to con Dagny into participating in a radio debate about Rearden Metal, but she refuses.
  • He becomes upset with Dagny over the plan for the John Galt Line, but he takes credit for the plan when it succeeds.
  • He meets Cherryl Brooks.
  • He marries Cherryl.
  • At the reception, he bonds with Lillian.
  • He is present at the meeting where Directive 10-289 is discussed.
  • He furiously confronts Dagny after the Taggart Tunnel disaster.
  • He is less than thrilled to learn that his sister survived her plane crash.
  • He has several violent arguments with Cherryl.
  • He sleeps with Lillian Rearden.
  • He hits Cherryl during a fight. Later that night, she commits suicide.
  • He tries to grow closer to Dagny after Cherryl's suicide.
  • He is present when John Galt is tortured, which results in his mental breakdown.