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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

John Galt Timeline and Summary

  • Dagny meets John Galt in Atlantis
  • Through flashbacks we learn the order of events leading up to this meeting:
  • Galt invented the motor at the Twentieth Century Motor Factory.
  • He quit the factory when the Starnes kids took over, vowing to stop the motors of the world.
  • He began his strike with his friends Ragnar and Francisco.
  • He slowly began recruiting more people to his cause.
  • He started working a menial job at Taggart Transcontinental.
  • He saw Dagny and fell in love with her.
  • He watched her for a decade before meeting her.
  • He often meets with Eddie Willers in the cafeteria and gets intel from him.
  • He reluctantly lets Dagny go after she meets him in Atlantis.
  • He follows her back to New York.
  • The two have an encounter in one of the Taggart Terminal tunnels and start a romantic relationship.
  • Galt gives a three-hour radio address on his values
  • Dagny inadvertently leads the police to Galt and he is arrested.
  • He refuses to cooperate with the government.
  • He is forced onto TV for a sham banquet.
  • He is tortured at the State Science Institute.
  • His friends and Dagny rescue him.
  • The group all escape back to Atlantis.
  • Galt declares that their strike is over.