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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Lillian Rearden Timeline and Summary

  • Lillian mocks Hank when he gives her his Rearden Metal bracelet.
  • She throws an anniversary party and invites people Hank dislikes.
  • Dagny confronts Lillian over the bracelet and makes her trade it for a diamond one.
  • Lillian learns that Hank is having an affair, but she doesn't know who with.
  • She bonds with James at his wedding reception.
  • She learns that Hank is having an affair with Dagny and they argue.
  • She tells James about the affair, which leads to Hank being blackmailed.
  • Hank files for divorce.
  • Lillian asks James for help and they sleep together.
  • Hank gets his divorce.
  • A furious Lillian confronts Hank and is crushed when he is indifferent towards her.