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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged Resources


Atlas Shrugged Website

Run by the Ayn Rand Institute, this website has information on the book, its author, and its publishing history. It also has current news about the novel.

Ayn Rand Institute

The homepage of the Institute, which includes tons of information on Rand's life and her work, as well as current news and events.

Ayn Rand's Novels

Another Ayn Rand Institute website, this one focuses on all of Rand's novels and her philosophy. Current news and essay contests are also included here.

In the News

"Rand the Incredible" Article

A fun blog article by Chris Matthew Sciabarra on the links between Atlas Shrugged and the movie The Incredibles. Seriously.

"Missing the Point of Atlas Shrugged"

A Huffington Post article by John Wellington Ennis about the novel's recent surge in popularity and how people tend to misunderstand it.

"Atlas Felt a Sense of Déjà Vu"

An Economist article that tracks recent sales of Atlas Shrugged. (Login required.)

"Rand-O-Rama: Ayn Rand's Long Shelf Life in American Culture"

A fun article that tracks Rand's life in American pop culture.

"Atlas Hugged"

An article on Ayn Rand relevance today in Newsweek.

"Ayn Rand's Revenge"

A quick preview: "'Atlas Shrugged' was published 52 years ago, but in the Obama era, Rand's angry message is more resonant than ever before."

Movie or TV Productions

Atlas Shrugged: The Movie?
An Entertainment Weekly blog post covering some recent developments in the long saga of trying to get the book made into a movie.

Historical Documents

Introducing Objectivism

A short description of Objectivism written by Rand in 1962.

Ayn Rand's Testimony before the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities, October 20, 1947

A transcript of Rand's anti-communist testimony during the McCarthy hearings.


The Daily Show

Jennifer Burns, author of a recent book on Rand, appeared on The Daily Show and spoke about Rand.

Officer Barbrady Hates Atlas Shrugged

A hilarious clip from the 1998 South Park episode "Plucked," where Barbrady shares his opinions on Atlas Shrugged.

"For the New Intellectual" Clip

A video clip from a 1961 interview Ayn Rand did at the University of Michigan.


Ayn Rand Slideshow

A slideshow of photos of Rand from the Ayn Rand Institute.


Painting done by Gustave Moreau in 1868.

Atlas in Rockefeller Center

The famous bronze statue of Atlas in New York City's Rockefeller Center.

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