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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged


by Ayn Rand

Robert Stadler Timeline and Summary

  • Stadler has a meeting with Dagny over the State Science Institute's statements regarding Rearden Metal. He is largely clueless.
  • He tells Dagny about his three former students who turned out badly.
  • He confronts Dr. Ferris about his book.
  • He goes to New York to meet with Dagny and learns about the motor.
  • He recommends Quentin Daniels to Dagny.
  • We learn about Stadler's falling out with John.
  • He is present at the first test of Project X.
  • He gives a radio speech saying how great Project X is.
  • He has another confrontation with Dr. Ferris.
  • He is present at the station during John Galt's speech.
  • Stadler meets with Galt after he is arrested. They have an angry confrontation.
  • Stadler goes to take over Project X.
  • He is killed when Project X explodes.