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Atoms, Molecules, and Ions Resources


Build an Atom

This interactive website allows you to build an atom out of protons, neutrons, and electrons and see how the element, charge, and mass change depending on the subatomic particles you use.

Atoms and Elements

This is a basic, simple, straight-to-the-point website explaining the basics of atoms and elements.

What is an Atom?

This website from the Environmental Protection Agency explains the basics and technicalities of atoms.

Atomic Structure

The BBC has put together a nice review of atomic structure on this website. Check it out!

Interactive Structure of an Atom

This website also explores and explains the structure of an atom but in a more interactive way.

Atoms for Peace Prize

This website is all about the Atoms of Peace Award, which was established in 1955. The award is given to individuals or agencies who promote the development or application of peaceful nuclear technology.


Amazing Atoms

This is the first in a series of videos from NOVA that explains everything about atoms, molecules, protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Atoms According to Bill Nye

Who doesn't love Bill Nye? In this short video, Bill Nye explains all things atoms in a simple and fun way.

A Look Inside the Atom

In this 7 minute video, you'll get a great summary and review of all things related to the atom.

Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons

This is another 7 minute video that goes into the physics behind the subatomic particles.

The Earliest Models

This video gives a historical aspect of the atomic structure.

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