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by Ian McEwan

Atonement Characters

Meet the Cast

Briony Tallis

Briony Tallis, thirteen-year-old dreamer and interferer, is a very useful character for you. That's because when your parents tell you to clean your room you can say, "Hey—you don't want me to be...

Robbie Turner

Robbie Turner is the son of the Tallis family's cleaning lady. On the one hand, this isn't very important at all. On the other hand, it's the single most important thing about him, and it's also hi...

Cecilia Tallis

Cecilia Tallis, Briony's older sister, totally doesn't know what she's doing. She comes back from college in 1935 and she flops and mopes and smokes around the house like some sort of morbid adoles...

Lola Quincey

Lola Quincey, the fifteen-year-old cousin of the Tallis children, wants to be grown up. She's a drama queen who paints her toenails and wears perfume with a "womanly tang" and steals the main role...

Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall, Leon Tallis's friend and successful businessman, is the chocolate guy. He's also a doofus and a bore. When he visits the Tallises' home, he babbles on about his Amo chocolate bars th...

The Tallis Family

The Tallis FamilyEmily TallisEmily is Briony, Cecilia, and Leon's super delicate mother. She suffers from migraines and spends a lot of her time lying in her room, letting her mind drift. She also...

The Tallis Family Servants

BettyThe cook. She often has conflicts with Emily, which Cecilia has to sort out. She makes Jackson clean his own sheets when he wets the bed, and generally terrorizes him and his brother, though n...

Robbie's Wartime Companions

Corporal MaceA large man who thinks quickly on his feet. He gets Robbie out of trouble a number of times before the two of them get separated.Corporal NettleHe and Robbie stick together until just...

Briony's Hospital Acquaintances

Sister Marjorie DrummondThe nurse in charge of Briony and the other trainees. She is strict and terrifying. If you make a mistake on her ward, she will destroy you. FionaBriony's roommate. We don't...
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