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Atum (Tem)'s Wall



Hey, dad! Guess what?

What's that?


Tefnut and I are getting married!

That'd be weird... but, since there's nobody else alive in the world yet, that's fine, I guess.

is watching Game of Thrones season 2 in preparation for the next big cataclysm in the Seven Kingdoms.

Thutmose III

Your Majesty, would you mind helping me out?

Sure, lil' one. What do you need?

Thutmose III

Would you mind wiping out my stepmom/aunt for me? You know, Hatshepsut, that really annoying pharaoh…

She's really good at sacrificing stuff.... so let's wait a bit.


Atum, are we ourselves this week or are we Re-Atum?

Um, not sure. Check your scheduler.

Am I dead yet?

Ask Seth—he's the one who's gonna kill you.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about being omniscient and all that.

is developing the Atum-ic Bomb, which gives creative inspiration to all who witness it.

Have you read The Hunger Games yet? Soooo good.

I haven't. I'm still stuck on Twilight.

Man, this 4-minute ab workout is really kicking my butt!


Go for a swim in the Nile. You smell, O divine one!

Did I create the world or did you?

I did!

No, I did!

Boys, settle down. Here are some pyramid Legos to play with.

is reading The 4-Hour Work Week.

How long did it take you to create the Earth?

Less than four hours. This guy needs to pick up the pace!

Wanna go make some pots?

Aren't you tired of that? That's all you do. Make pottery.

I could use a new ashtray.

Amenhotep I

Your Majesty, would you mind flooding the Nile for us?

Sorry. Wrong god.

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