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by Saint Augustine

Confessions Resources


Hey All You Budding Classicists

Here's the original Latin text to Augustine's confessions. Remember to mind your accusatives and ablatives.

More Interested in 20th-Century Poetry than 4th-Century Theology?

Here's the Edward Bouverie Pusey translation from 1838 that T.S. Eliot references in "The Wasteland." It's also great if you like the word "Thou."

Movie or TV Productions

Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire (2010)

A TV miniseries that takes place after the Confessions (though it talks about the Confessions), when Augustine is Bishop of Hippo and the Vandals are besieging the city.

Articles and Interviews


Here's an awesome bibliography of scholarly resources related to Augustine, compiled by J. O'Donnell. What more could a student want?

"The Strangeness of Augustine"

J. O'Donnell talks about what it means to study the Confessions in the 21st century.


Catholics Talkin' About Catholics

The Global Catholic Television Network did a series on Early Church Fathers, and this one gives a pretty good overview of Augustine's life.

For God, for Country, and for Yale

If you're interested in a historical/academic perspective on Augustine, check out this Yale lecture on the Confessions.



"The Conversion of Saint Augustine" by Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico is like the name in Renaissance frescoes, if Renaissance frescoes happen to be your thing.

This Just In: Augustine's Mother Looks Pious… Or Bored

Here's a fresco painted by Benozzo Gozzoli in the 15th century in a chapel in San Gimignano, Italy.

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