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...Baby One More Time

...Baby One More Time


by Britney Spears


Official Britney Website

All the latest Britney everything.

Rolling Stone: "Britney Spears, Teen Queen" (1999)

It was all fun and games back then.

Rolling Stone: "The Tragedy of Britney Spears" (2008)

Nearly ten years later, this cover story depicts Britney as a fallen star. "She is not a good girl. She is not America's sweetheart. She is an inbred swamp thing who chain-smokes, doesn't do her nails… and screams at people who want pictures for their little sisters." It might be a bit pitiless coming from the very people who over-sexualized her in the first place, but the long feature is a great review of just what happened to Britney behind the scenes.

Britney Spears Bio on Biography.com

This Britney bio features a long documentary video that opens with a medley about Britney's complicated public image.

Britney Spears overview on IMDB

The Internet Movie Database handles Britney's bio with a thorough timeline of important events in her life.

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