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Babylon Revisited

Babylon Revisited


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Babylon Revisited: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who is the "he"? "He looked at her, startled. With each remark the force of her dislike became more and more apparent." -> Charlie Wales
2. Who said, "She’s your child. I’m not the person to stand in your way. I think if it were my child I’d rather see her"? -> Duncan Schaeffer
3. Who said, "It’s my brother-in-law’s address. I haven’t settled on a hotel yet."? -> Charlie Wales
4. Who congratulated, "You were going pretty strong a couple of years ago."? -> Duncan Schaeffer
5. Who said, "I haven’t been to America for months. I’m in business in Prague, representing a couple of concerns there. They don’t know about me down there."? -> Honoria Wales