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Babylon Revisited

Babylon Revisited


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Babylon Revisited Resources

Movie or TV Productions

The Last Time I Saw Paris, 1954
Very loosely based on Fitzgerald's story, and starring everybody's favorite Elizabeth Taylor.


Fitzgerald and Money

Interesting article, gets at Fitzgerald through a narrow approach.

"Babylon Revisited" in Spanish ("Regreso a Babilonia")

Click on the link at the bottom for the full text in Microsoft Word.

"Babylon Revisited," Full Text

In English this time, courtesy of our dear friends at Project Gutenberg.


A Lecture on "Babylon Revisited"
For use when your eyes just can't take anymore.


Fitzgerald and wife Zelda

The Brad and Angelina of their day. With a whole lot more public fighting.

The Ritz Bar in Paris

Where Charlie (not to mention Fitzgerald and Hemingway) chilled out.

Movie Poster from The Last Time I Saw Paris

Back when that haircut was still fashionable.


Fitzgerald Timeline

Including personal and professional tidbits.

Totally Awesome, Link-Filled Fitzgerald Page

Links sorted by each of Fitzgerald's works.

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