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The Bacchae

The Bacchae


by Euripides

Chorus Timeline and Summary

  • Sings a song in praise of Dionysus.
  • Gives a little back-story on Dionysus's birth.
  • Praises Dionysus some more.
  • Chastises Pentheus for being blasphemous.
  • Sings about the dangers of blasphemy.
  • Does some praising.
  • Curses Pentheus for locking up their leader (really Dionysus).
  • Begs their god to help them.
  • Sings about nature.
  • Warns against blasphemy again.
  • Prays for Pentheus's punishment.
  • Celebrates the King's grisly death.
  • Praises (you guessed it) Dionysus.
  • Warns against defying the gods.