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The Bacchae

The Bacchae


by Euripides

The Bacchae Fourth Episode Summary

  • Dionysus enters and orders Pentheus to emerge from the palace.
  • The King enters, wearing women's clothing, a long wig, and dress.
  • Dionysus has placed him under a spell.
  • Pentheus says that Dionysus looks as if he has the horns of a bull (the King is seeing Dionysus in his god form now).
  • The King starts acting all prissy and asks Dionysus if he looks pretty like his mother. Dionysus acts like his nurse maid, adjusting his dress and wig.
  • Pentheus talks about how he'll hide in the pines to observe the Maenads.
  • Dionysus tells the King that he will take him safely to the Maenads, but that another person will bring him back.
  • Pentheus says it will be Agave, his mother, who will carry him back.
  • Dionysus agrees, saying she'll carry him in a very particular way. (Insert: ominous music.)

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