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The Bacchae

The Bacchae


by Euripides

King Pentheus Timeline and Summary

  • Returns to Thebes upon hearing rumors of the upheaval.
  • Talks a lot of junk about Dionysus.
  • Chastises Tiresias and Cadmus for going off to worship Dionysus.
  • Orders his men to mess up Tiresias's house.
  • Also orders that the Stranger from Lydia (really Dionysus) be arrested.
  • Criticizes/admires the Stranger's feminine looks.
  • Tries to find out what the Dionysus's rituals are really like.
  • Locks up the Stranger.
  • Freaks out when the Stranger escapes, amidst earthquake and lightning.
  • Threatens to kill all the Bacchants.
  • Agrees to dress up like a woman to spy on the Maenads
  • Is beguiled by Dionysus.
  • Worries about his own feminine good looks.
  • Is led through town by Dionysus dressed like a woman.
  • Spies on the Maenads from the top of a tree.
  • Is ripped apart by Agave and the other Maenads.