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The Bacchae

The Bacchae


by Euripides

The Bacchae Resources



This page provides a good overview of Aristotle's thoughts on tragedy. Interestingly, Aristotle thought that Euripides's work didn't measure up.

Euripides's Biography

Click here for a great bio on Euripides.

Movie or TV Productions

The Bacchae

Here's a 2002 movie version.


This is a 1993 TV version directed by the famous Ingmar Bergman.

Historical Documents

Aristotle's Poetics

Read what Aristotle had to say about tragedy.

NY Times

A review of the National Theatre of Scotland's production.

The Bacchae at the Public.

An announcement the most recent NY production directed by Joann Akalaitis.


The opening.

Here's video of the opening scenes of the play.


The Death of Pentheus

Here's a classic image of Pentheus's dismemberment at the hands of the Maenads.

Pentheus's Dismemberment on a Bowl

Looks like the Greeks had pretty morbid taste in dinnerware.

Alan Cumming

Here's an image of the famous actor Alan Cumming staring in The Bacchae.

Dionysus: Bull, Man, God

Here's an image showing Dionysus in his bovine form.

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