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The Bald Soprano

The Bald Soprano


by Eugene Ionesco

Mr. Smith Timeline and Summary

  • Clicks his tongue and reads the paper while his wife babbles about a lot of randomness.
  • Discusses with his wife the bizarre medical practices of Dr. Mackenzie.
  • Comments that Bobby Watson has died.
  • Gets in a confusing conversation with his wife about the Watson family; it's mostly confusing because everyone in the family is named Bobby Watson.
  • Insults his wife, saying she asks lot of stupid questions.
  • Bickers with his wife.
  • Tries to make up with his wife by making a pass at her.
  • Greets Mary, the maid, as she enters.
  • Tells Mary to let in the Martins.
  • Goes upstairs to change.
  • Reenters, apparently having forgotten to change.
  • Makes awkward conversation with the Martins.
  • Engages with his wife in the great doorbell debate.
  • Eventually, answers the door, letting in the Fire Chief.
  • Discusses the poor state of the fire business with the Chief.
  • Listens to the Fire Chief's crazy fables.
  • Is terribly offended when Mary wants to tell stories of her own.
  • Helps to shove Mary offstage, separating her from her long lost love, the Fire Chief.
  • Starts spouting lots of nonsense like everybody else.
  • Is replaced by Mr. Martin.