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The Bald Soprano

The Bald Soprano


by Eugene Ionesco

Mrs. Smith Timeline and Summary

  • Recounts in great detail what her family has eaten previously in the evening.
  • Discusses Dr. Mackenzie's bizarre medical practices with her husband.
  • Discusses with her husband those pesky and confusing Bobby Watsons.
  • Throws socks at her husband when he insults her.
  • Tells Mary they've been waiting all night for the Martins.
  • Goes upstairs with her husband to change.
  • Returns downstairs, having not changed.
  • Makes awkward conversation with the Martins.
  • Answers the door several times after the doorbell rings – every time no one is there.
  • Concludes that whenever the doorbell rings no one is there.
  • Bickers with her husband over her theory.
  • Is very displeased when her husband answers the door and the Fire Chief is outside.
  • Listens to Fire Chief's weird fables.
  • Kisses the Fire Chief a couple times.
  • Tells a story about a fiancé who gave his bride-to-be some flowers and then took them back.
  • Is offended when Mary, the maid, wants to tell a story.
  • Is even more offended when she learns of Mary's past love affair with the Fire Chief.
  • Helps to push Mary offstage.
  • Starts spouting a lot of crazy nonsense.
  • Is replaced by Mrs. Martin.