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Balder Photos

Just Balder
I'm the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. [Illustration from 1893 Swedish edition of Poetic Edda.]

Balder's Death
The Asgard Times: BALDER FOUND DEAD, SHOT BY BROTHER, HOD. [Painting by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, 1817.]

Balder's Death (Again)
Everyone was super sad when I died. My wife, Nanna, my parents, Odin and Frigg, my brother, Thor – everyone. [Engraving by Chodowiecki, published in 1787.]

Hermod Rides to Hel
Hermod tried really hard to get me out of Hel and bring me back to the living world. [Illustration from an 17th-century Icelandic manuscript.]

Hermod Bids Balder and Nanna Farewell
My awesome brother Hermod says goodbye to me and Nanna as he leaves Hel.[Illustration by George Percy Jacomb-Hood, published in 1893.]

Portrait of Balder
My mom wanted a portrait of me to put in her hall. I had to stand still for HOURS. [Illustration by Jacques Reich, published 1900.]

Balder and Nanna
A nice portrait of me and my beautiful wife, Nanna, getting ready for a sunset picnic. [Illustration by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, published in 1882.]

Balder, Mimer, and the Norns
This is a picture of me and the wise Mimer paying a visit to the Norns, those three awesome beings that can predict the future. [Sculpture by H. E. Freund, 1821-22.]

I don't even know what's going on here. [Illustration from a 17th-century Icelandic manuscript.]

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