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Your Field Guide to Spotting Balder

Before he was murdered, Balder was a favorite in Asgard. He was good and brave, well-spoken and fair-judging, and so beautiful and bright that his face seemed to radiate light.

Physical Description

Sex: Male
Age: 20s-40s
Build: Muscular
Complexion: Pale
Hair color: Usually long, blond or brown hair
Facial hair: Often has a full beard
Scars/marks/tattoos: An arrow wound in his chest from a mistletoe arrow
Jewelry and accessories: An aura of light
Clothing: Varies
Armor: Has been known to wear a helmet and breastplate
Type of weapon: Sword

Typical Companions

  • Loki, the mastermind of his murder
  • Hod, his brother who accidentally shot him dead with a mistletoe arrow
  • Nanna, his wife
  • Gods of Asgard in mourning
  • Hel, the goddess of the underworld

Other Notes

Known hangouts: Since being murdered, Balder can be found with Hel in the underworld. Previously he lived in Asgard in his hall, Breidablik.

Escape vehicle: A magical folding ship called Hringhorn

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