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Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll


by Marge Piercy

Barbie Doll Resources


Barbie in Academia

Barbie is in the spotlight, and it's not the spotlight on a runway. Academics like talking about her too—and Piercy, of course.

One-Stop Piercy Shop

All you could ever want to know about the poet and what she's been up to.


Piercy on Prezi

Here's a cute take on Piercy's "Barbie Doll."

"Barbie" and Sad Music

Check out this cool interpretation equipped with sad music and everything.


Student Reading "Barbie"

Here's an awesome student video and reading with a real life "girlchild."


Piercy and Cats

Our lady really loves cats, but what cool writer doesn't?

Weirdly Cool Cover

We like how Piercy makes a statement without saying a word.

Articles and Interviews

Piercy Really Loves Cats

Ever wonder why Piercy is often pictured with a cat?

Politics and Art

Piercy loves to mix the two up in a concoction of good literature.

Life of Prose and Poetry

Piercy talks all about the two in this NY Times article.


He, She, and It

Here's one of Piercy's most famous feminist works. Check it out.

Woman on the Edge of Time

Here's that cyber-punk novel we've been talking about.

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