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Barn Burning

Barn Burning


by William Faulkner

Colonel (Sarty) Sartoris Snopes Timeline and Summary

  • Sarty almost has to testify against his father Abner in the Justice of the Peace Court.
  • He plans to lie, in accordance with his father's wishes, and say his father didn't burn down Mr. Harris' burn.
  • After Abner is found "not guilty" but ordered out of town, Sarty follows him out of court.
  • Sarty is hit by a young boy and he falls.
  • That night he and his family camp out.
  • His father accuses him of planning to rat him out in Court and hits him as punishment. He tells Sarty it's important to stand up for your family.
  • The next day Sarty and his family get to their new home, a shack on the de Spain farm.
  • He visits the de Spain mansion with his father and is extremely impressed.
  • He watches his father track horse poop on the de Spain's rug.
  • Sarty works hard all week.
  • On Saturday he goes to court with Abner who is suing de Spain.
  • That night, Abner decides to burn de Spain's barn.
  • Sarty tries to stop him, and warns de Spain.
  • He is too late. He hears gunshots and sees that the barn is on fire.
  • He run a long way until he gets to the top of a hill.
  • Around midnight Sarty mourns his father and then falls asleep.
  • When he wakes up, the birds are chirping and he feels better.
  • He walks down the hill, toward the woods, without turning around.