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by Sara Teasdale

Barter Resources


A Little Look at Sara's Life

This is a nice, concise Teasdale biography from the folks at The Academy of American Poets. Check out the side bar for jumps to a bunch of other Teasdale poems.

Teasdale—Take Two

Here's a slightly longer bio from our good friends at the Poetry Foundation. Scroll down to the bottom for a good list of further Teasdale reading.


Teasdale and Lady Ga Ga?

Yes, you read that right. Here is a video version of "Barter" complete with Lady Ga Ga sound track.

Student Interpretation

Here's another student vid, interpeting "Barter."


Teasdale Out Loud

Here is a reading of "Barter" by someone that's clearly feelin' it.

Teasdale-Inspired Tunes

These three pieces were inspired by three Teasdale poems. Scroll down to see the poems themselves. Do you think the sound of the music captures the mood of the poems?


Say "Cheese!"

Here are four rather formal looking pictures of Sara from various points in her life.

A Good Poet Pic

Here's one of Sara later in life.

Articles & Interviews

Teasdale in Her Time

In chapter two of the 1918 book, Our Poets of Today, the author, Howard Cook, discusses Teasdale and her poetry—start on page 12.


Love Songs (the book, not the album)

Here's a link to the first edition of Love Songs. "Barter" is the first poem in the collection.

Essential Sara

This is a collection of Teasdale's poems. If you liked "Barter," chances are these will be your cup of tea as well (Get it, tea?…Teasdale? Okay, we'll stop).

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