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Bartholomew and the Oobleck

Bartholomew and the Oobleck


by Dr. Seuss

Bartholomew and the Oobleck Fear Quotes

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Quote #1

"Your magicians, Your Majesty?" Bartholomew shivered. "Oh, no, Your Majesty! Don't call them!" (17)

Bartholomew's fear is written all over this puppy. Look at how both "magicians" and "them" are italicized to emphasize how dire and unbelievable a step this is. "Shivered" drives the point home way better than "sighed" or "said," as do Bartholomew's use of commands, something a page boy would never issue to a king unless he was really concerned about something. "Don't call them!"

Quote #2

But there was no sleep for Bartholomew, the page boy. All night long he stood in the king's window, staring out at the Mystic Mountain Nekka-tave. Somewhere up there, Bartholomew knew, the magicians were working their terrible magic. (31)

Is it us, or does Bartholomew remind you of the way a parent acts when their teenager is out past curfew? The poor guy is worried past his age, standing up all night, wondering what unspeakable things the black of night masks. Words like "staring" and "terrible" emphasize the concern, as does the accompanying foreboding illustration. Definitely worth checking out.

Quote #3

"Someone's got to warn the people!" cried Bartholomew. "Got to wake 'em and warn 'em to stay inside their houses!" (61)

Again, fear has matured Bartholomew far past his age. And, since he knows instantly what needs to be done, it sounds like this is something he's been thinking out for a while. But really, is it all that surprising? He's been doing this from the beginning and he'll do it till the end. How about we pool our money and get this guy a gift certificate to a spa or something?

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