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The Throne

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory

At the very end of the story, Bartholomew rushes from room to room, trying to find the King. He finds, him, of course, sitting in the throne room, covered in oobleck.

There he sat…Old King Derwin, proud and mighty ruler of the Kingdom of Didd, trembling, shaking, helpless as a baby.

His royal crown was stuck to his royal head. The seat of his royal pants were stuck to his royal throne. Oobleck was dripping from his royal eyebrows. It was oozing into his royal ears. (111-12)

Could there be any better symbol? The King is clinging to the last remnant of his power, aware he is in danger but not yet ready to relinquish his precious, goopy throne. A sad and poignant image if we've ever seen one.

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