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Basic Algebra

Basic Algebra

Basic Algebra: Solving Equations Like A Super Sleuth True or False

1. The point (2, -3) is translated five spaces to the left and four spaces up. What quadrant is it now in?Quadrant II
2. Solve the equation 5x + 3x + 20 = -12 for x.0
3. Solve the equation for g.-6
4. Plot the points (-4, 4), (1, 4), and (1, -1). What are the coordinates of an additional point that would make a square when all four points are connected?(-1, -1)
5. Solve the equation for k.
6. The perimeter of a rectangular pool is 60 feet. The length is twice as long as the width. Find the length.15 ft
7. Solve the equation for y.4
8. A number decreased by four is equal to three times the same number. What is it?-2
9. Solve the equation for c.5
10. Solve the equation -6(2x + 8) = -12x + 17 for a.-1