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Basic Algebra
Solving More Complex Equations: At a Glance

Introduction to Solving More Complex Equations:

This multi-step business is not at all more complicated than what you've already been doing. It just involves three or more of the same kinds of steps.

Again, it is probably best to isolate the variable by first getting rid of the numbers least attached to the variable.

Solving More Complex Equations Practice:

Example 1

Solve for x:

(2x + 6)/4 = -1

Example 2

Solve for x:

2x + 6x -2 = -34

Example 3

Solve for y:

-14/(y-2) = -10

Exercise 1

Solve for k:  (-k+8)/15 = 2

Exercise 2

Solve for w:  6w - 9 + 11w = 127

Exercise 3

Solve for x:  (37 - 12)/(x+1) = 5