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Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry

Quadrilaterals Exercises

Example 1

Classify each shape based on the description. Be sure to include every possible answer: parallelogram, rectangles, rhombus, square, trapezoid, and kite.

Example 2

A quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel.

Example 3

A quadrilateral with four congruent sides.

Example 4

A quadrilateral with two sets of congruent sides.

Example 5

A quadrilateral with exactly one set of parallel sides.

Example 6

A quadrilateral with one set of congruent angles.

Example 7

A quadrilateral with two or more sets of supplementary angles.

Example 8

Fill in each blank with always, sometimes, or never.

Example 9

A square is ____________ a rectangle.

Example 10

A kite is __________ a parallelogram.

Example 11

A trapezoid is ____________ a quadrilateral.

Example 12

A rhombus is ___________ a square.